We understand that creating and managing your safety program may be overwhelming. The regulations, requirements, record keeping, implementation and day-to-day monitoring - Where to begin?

We have answers for you. It's as easy as 1-2-3. Check out our 3 packages below and then shoot us an email. We have a system that you can follow and customize to your needs and budget.

Package 1: EYES ONLY - We help you identify strengths and weaknesses of your safety program, and we make recommendations for improvements.  This proactive approach helps you avoid costly mistakes and omissions in your safety program.

Get a check-up on your workplace/operations from field experienced safety professionals with our observations and recommendations.

What's next? Simply continue to the next step.

Package 2: FOLLOW THROUGH - After Package 1, this follow-though step provides the program and tools you will need to implement a new safety program and begin establishing and improving your company's culture of safety in the work place.  This step helps you get started quickly and efficiently, putting our recommendations into effect right away with proper documentation and oversight.

Includes your package 1 check-up and recommendations, and adds a written safety program customized for you, with a tool kit to help you manage it.

Package 3: BETTER TOGETHER - Once you know what you need and have a program in place, our team works hand in hand with your team - month after month - to support all aspects of your safety plan.  We provide weekly on-site support and are available 24/7 for consult.  Let our team be part of your team.

A comprehensive, on-going monthly system where our team guides and supports your safety manager to implement your custom written safety program and tool kit to efficiently manage all aspects of your program. Package 3 provides our seasoned, field experienced support team to coach, mentor, train, track, and report. We provide pre-planning and incident responses whenever needed.

You decide which package works best for you. Or take it one step at a time.

Contact us for a free initial consultation. We can discuss other services too, like training, on-site staffing, and program development.

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Lawson & Associates Inc BBB Business Review

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