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​​​Lawson & Associates is a full-service safety solutions provider and a woman/veteran-owned business. In addition Lawson & Associates is a State of Hawaii DOT Disadvantaged Business. Founded in 2009, we specialize in safety and occupational health across the state of Hawaii. We provide various services including onsite safety staffing, safety training, safety litigation support, safety auditing services, and safety program management and development. Our staff is board certified and field experienced.

Our 5 Core Values:

1. Communicate.
We will communicate frequently and often.

2. Keep it between the Lines.
We will only act within our scope of work and area of expertise. We will only give recommendations or direction that complies with the law. We will always uphold what is right and our obligation to our professional code of ethics.

3. Be sure, be prepared.
We will be self-disciplined and take the time to make sure that we fully understand regulatory requirements, the manufacturer’s requirements, and what the plan says. We will be prepared in advance to fulfill our role and responsibilities to the client.

4. Do What You Say You Will Do.
We will ensure that we keep our commitments, follow the law, the manufacturer’s requirements and the plan. We will immediately address ALL hazards and infractions – this is the law.

5. Manage change.
We will watch for and manage change in order to update plans to reflect the work and vice versa.

Our Mission Statement:

We will provide friendly, professional, efficient, technically-oriented service without compromising ethics or the law. By providing this quality service consistently, we will develop long term partnerships that add value to our clients, help them elevate their safety culture, and better their business.

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Lawson & Associates Inc BBB Business Review
Lawson & Associates Inc BBB Business Review