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Navigating the regulatory requirements such as OSHA, HIOSH, EM 385-1-1 and ANSI standards to create an occupational safety and health plan that is compliant and effective can be a challenge.

Lawson & Associates specializes in program evaluation and development. Our staff can efficiently and effectively assist you in preparing a best in class plan, complete with required policies and procedures that meet regulatory requirements and your individual needs. Managing risk is critical to your success, collaborating with specialists allows you to obtain the best results possible while allowing you to focus on what you do best, your core business.


Lawson & Associates provides comprehensive occupational safety and health training programs to fit your needs. We offer both custom in-house safety training programs and open-enrollment courses. Our board-certified safety trainers have extensive experience and a proven record of delivering quality content in an engaging classroom atmosphere.


Lawson & Associates provides a variety of audit services for our clients ranging from periodic site audits to needs assessments and program evaluations. We are capable of bench-marking, measuring and monitoring your performance to ensure you are getting your desired results while meeting regulatory and self-imposed requirements. We have in-depth experience conducting detailed workplace surveys for risks such as fall exposures, confined space identification/control, and lock out/tag out. Our firm is the only professional safety consulting firm in Hawaii with a Certified Professional Environmental Auditor for Health and Safety and Management Systems as issued by the Board of Environmental, Health and Safety Auditor Certifications.


Lawson & Associates provides litigation support for safety regulatory violations and third-party litigation.

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We provide safety training for you, your team, or your entire company on current subjects that are necessary for your business and relevant to your industry. 
Inquire about on-site safety officer staffing for your project or workplace.
We create custom company safety and health programs or site specific programs such as Accident Prevention Plans, Fall Protection and Prevention Plans, Trenching and Excavation Plans, Confined Space Plans and Activity Hazard Analysis.
Contact Tracy Lawson regarding regulatory support, including issues with OSHA or HIOSH.
Contact Tracy Lawson regarding litigation support.
Invite Tracy Lawson to speak at your event or conference on a safety topic relevant to your industry.